Tuesday, March 8, 2011

No Small Chatter

I want to tell you about a group I have recently connected with.  If you have an on-going interest or even a developing curiosity in my case and cases like mine you will be interested in this group.  They are called Project: Not Guilty ("PNG") and have commented several times on my blogs as "The Team".  I have the links below so you can see what they have to say about my case, as well as a link to their website.

PNG is an advocacy group who is helping the non-DNA innocents claim their exonerations and more.  PNG started out in Texas, but has become national as there is such a cry out for help in our runaway justice systems.  You may not know this, but even if the Appellate Court clears a person they are still not considered exonerated.  In Texas they still have to go through a process with the State Controllers office and quite often are not given the exoneration that is so rightfully theirs.  Besides years in prison, ripped away from family, those who are falsely accused and wrongly convicted have been stripped of their good name, many of their rights and quite often find it difficult to ever be gainfully employed again or move easily within society.  The accumulated damage to a victim of the justice system does not stop accruing once the person is released from prison.

I invite you to take a look at the Project: Not Guilty website and the comment section at the end of my four blogs where they have imparted words of advice, encouragement and wisdom:

Now as follow up to the Internet chats I started sharing with you in the post called: "Investigative Team..." I have placed another part of those chats below.  While these people ("lionheartix") also call themselves my "team", to my knowledge they are not the same team that is coming forth in Project: Not Guilty as described above.  A small portion of the Internet dialogue on September 11, 2004 went as follows:

lionheartix:  one thing that Scott (retired FBI SAC - Atlanta) told me yesterday was about the FBI and IRS.  He said that you need to do a "white paper" to take to the FBI and/or IRS and/or Texas Rangers.

ifonlythiswasover:  I'll do a white paper, I guess that is something my attorney knows?

lionheartix:  it is a detailed report of why you are there, and helps them to understand and relay the reason you are there to others, either higher up or lower echelon.  hard for them to understand someone telling a story to them, so it should be written.

ifonlythiswasover:  why I am where?  at their front door?

lionheartix:  why you are in their office, yes.

ifonlythiswasover:  surely my attorney would know about that, I will put it on my list though.

lionheartix:  yes, but he really needs to understand why you want the FBI and the IRS and Texas Rangers to be involved.  there is just so much more of this that is behind the scenes that hasn't connected yet.  it's there, but not exactly clear yet.

ifonlythiswasover:  not clear to all of us????

lionheartix:  to your case.  it will take the feds....one of the agencies, or maybe both of them, to tie this case in with the fraud, the extortion/payoffs, etc..................      would it effect the business partner that things will be really under a microscope in your case?

ifonlythiswasover:  yes...I think so.

lionheartix:  it would definitely make him think he has to back off of you or get really investigated deeply.

ifonlythiswasover:  I don't think he believed this thing could ever flip back on him...I honestly think he sees himself above the law.  I'll guarantee you the contributor is the follower here.

lionheartix:  he could literally believe that, but if he sees a LOT of subpoenas shooting through the court for this information and history and different stuff that he never wants to be made public, then he will definitely HAVE to pull in his claws and start settling things.

ifonlythiswasover:  the contributor is different...but my friend keeps reminding me he is a bad guy too and to not lose sight of that.  from the start my friend kept saying "what does the contributor have on his business partner and what does his business partner have on the contributor...you find the answer to that and you'll find the answer to the false allegations."

lionheartix:  that is very wise for her to see that.

My attorney at the time said he would not go forward with the case unless we paid him an additional $50,000, thus I had to go to indigent status.  As you already know my public defender ignored all this, would not read the dialogues and said it was not our place to bring in the FBI or any other authority...no white papers were ever filed.  A lot was asked for in the subpoenas (although not nearly as much as could have been), much was never rendered, most was thrown out during the pretrial hearings...as privileged or irrelevant.  In my defense, my attorney refused to explain why we needed anything and kept telling me he would not divulge his strategy in the pretrial hearings. What strategy?

We have arrived at the Motion in Limine again.  Ten days before the trial this Motion was filed by prosecution, saying we could not bring up in trial any "prior bad act" of the contributor or his business partner.  My walking knowledge of their personal lives and businesses (including fraudulent insurance claims on the money in question) was the motive for destroying my credibility by these false allegations.  It was completely relevant and not privileged (no such thing in a criminal case).  The Detective, prosecutors and civil attorneys absolutely protected these two men (my false accusers).  And for that matter, so did my public defender by his indifference and inaction.

Below is the letter my husband, Ron, wrote Internal Affairs at Dallas Police Department.  It was not written earlier as I was incarcerated and we mistakenly thought this would be handled in the appeal, but was not how the appeal works.  You can see the response from David Brown, DPD Chief of Police and his Deputy Chief of Police.  Once again, putting the onus on my public defender in the trial.  So the focus is not truth, but procedure and how can truth be circumvented.

Brown so eloquently refers to truth as "differences in opinion".  That's a new one.  If the abuse of power is not caught on film, it doesn't count?  I have a feeling before this is over there will be a lot more finger pointing.  Immunity is a dangerous thing and takes the checks and balances out of the justice system, whereby nobody is held accountable for ruining innocent people's lives with their lies.  The above letter is like saying my officers/detectives can say anything they want under oath and if the public defender misses it or doesn't care enough to do his job then ...Oh well, you lose.  Are there any ethics in this so called "justice system"?  While it's a game to these players...that is, who can outsmart or out maneuver who...innocent people's lives are on the line.  What is the value of our lives, while these people are gaming?  Or after........


  1. Good people do not need laws to tell them to act responsibly, while bad people will find a way around the laws.

    I'm so thankful you've got "The Team" supporting you!

  2. Yes, thankful for 'The Team'!!

    That Motion in Limine was (is) crazy.

  3. Hey Audrey, talk about making someone's day. Well, you’ve done that and more. Thanks a million for considering and implementing the Post above with the PNG mention and kind words.

    You should probably know that The Team has donated a 'Mini-Column' to you and your endeavors. You can write what you want as it pertains to the multi-facetted subject of false arrests, wrongful convictions and the many areas regarding its causes and effects on the individual and society as a whole.

    We will take your Posts from email and paste them in the column for you. Readers can click on your links to read the rest of the story. Our hopes and prayers are that your words touch the masses and sparks a conversation that leads to true criminal justice system reforms. Thanks again.

  4. Hey Audrey, regarding the scum-bag attorney requesting $50K. We can't tell you how many times we have heard about this quote. Folks all across the country have reported that they paid $50K and no work was performed.

    It's a magic number they throw out and they don't have to do anything extra. Good luck to those trying to get a refund.

    Which is exactly why we want the innocent to avoid paying an attorney/lawyer and go Public Defender right out of the shoot. We used to believe that PDs are all sale-outs and quickly learned the hard way that they 'All' are. The attorney/lawyer wearing a fancy suit and sporting Don Johnson's hair doo will cash your families check on Monday and 5 months later you'll learn that he/she plea-bargained you down the river.

    We say - Let the Taxpayers pick up the entire tab and maybe the Voters will stop voting just to be voting. Thanks.