Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Investigative Team... Attorney Wouldn't Join

In my blog named "What's Their Motive" I talked about an Internet chat that transpired over a year's time with a friend of mine.  Over the next week or so I want to share with you some of that dialogue.  As you may remember my friend was a retired Air Force intelligence officer and had stayed connected to the intelligence community.  He would sometimes ask me specific questions and other times he would tell me to just type in the chat everything that came to my mind that happened over the 20 years I worked for these men.  He said to focus on anything that would give rise to the reasons they would set me up.  In other words, anything I knew that they would not want others to know.  Also, anything that I remembered that was odd, or out of place....anything that just stood out.  He also questioned me extensively on all the details of my case.  I printed out all of these chats and organized them chronologically in notebooks.  The Internet chat dialogues sit about a foot high. I charted things when asked and flow-charted organization structures so the details were clear and easier to understand for all those reviewing this information.  I was under the impression that my friend had included others in the questioning of me and processing the volumes of information I provided.  They told me in one of the chats that I had a "team".  I believed them because my friend was involved and because I was desperate for real help in my case.

I had another friend who talked to me after I had been doing this for awhile and sharing some of the dialogues with her.  She cautioned me that there was really two distinct cases evolving.  The one already existing for me and the one against the men who falsely accused me.  She said to not get it intermingled in my mind, because as I was helping somebody else build another case, I may not really be helping myself.  I allowed myself to believe that whoever these people were, they would step up and somehow help me in my trial, because they always indicated their belief in my innocence.  In retrospect, my friend's cautions turned out to be somewhat accurate.  In my always wanting to think positive it clouded me with a bit too much optimism (if there is such a thing).  I did have a lot of information in those dialogues that could have been very useful in my defense had I only had an attorney who was willing to read the dialogues or at the very least listen when I summarized the information.  It would have given him direction in strategy and several avenues for investigation.  Neither of which he was willing to acknowledge.  He just constantly belly-ached that he did not know how to defend me or explain my case to a jury.  He said he would not touch conspiracy theory and that the issues were too complicated for a jury to understand.

These Internet chats are important now because it serves as evidence in my habeas corpus application that my trial attorney had certain pertinent information, did not investigate further and did not use this information in the trial to set up a substantial defense in my favor.  He held this information for over two years prior to my trial and returned it to me weeks before the trial, saying he never read it and would not use it.  This constitutes clear evidence of incompetent defense.

Following is one of the first Internet chat dialogues asking me details and supplying the overall direction I was to take.  My chat name was "ifonlythiswasover" and their name was "lionheartix"...we were speaking of the false accusations, what I needed to recall and how to go about documenting it.

lionheartix:  you tell your attorney what is happening.  you can tell us, we believe you as being truthful.....they (the false accusations) are not testimonies yet.  they need to be truth to be testimony.

ifonlythiswasover:  truth so far has not prevailed.

lionheartix:  in a court of law, anyone can say or do anything.  one little factual lie, and once proven, it becomes the weak link that shoots the credibility of the whole case.

ifonlythiswasover:  and in a court of law that may be what people swear to...but if the stakes are too high it will not KNOW that.

lionheartix:  that is where you little untruth.....if you can show ONE little fact that they said you did and you can prove otherwise...then that starts the credibility issue on the other side.

ifonlythiswasover:  so you believe my attorney can work that?

lionheartix:  hell yes...that is his job...and if he understands circumstances of how they could do this to you, your attorney will do what needs to be done.  these guys have done a lot of dumb things in the past 20 years and YOU know them all!

ifonlythiswasover:  yes, I agree

lionheartix:  what else were they told by you that they had liabilities (exposure items) they were unaware of?

ifonlythiswasover:  if they cheat on their wives, deception is a lifestyle...wouldn't they just continue?

lionheartix:  write them down!  your attorney will use them to cross

ifonlythiswasover:  including his business partner?...since he has gotten so involved and seems to be running this?  In my book draft I have focused mostly on my false accuser (the contributor).

lionheartix:  that is right (both of them).   look to what has been shown to them prior to your resignation, and what else you caught them they put their fingers in the candy jar?  do they do unscrupulous things with taxes?  do you have any evidence of them cheating?  another woman?  an escort service they use regularly? 

ifonlythiswasover:  yes, they had women.  one of them used a foundation to fund rehabilitation/therapy for a mistress once she left him. 

lionheartix:  tell about the foundation!

ifonlythiswasover:  I refused to do the tax returns on the foundation because of abuse of 501(c)3 status.

lionheartix:  who funded it?  who got paid? monthly, quarterly, once a week?

ifonlythiswasover:  the business partner mostly and a local ministry was involved with subsequent payments of living expenses once release from rehab....

lionheartix:  what checks did you write to pay off women?  do you get my drift?

ifonlythiswasover:  there were some over the years for both men...

lionheartix:  you need to go over all their dealings in your head, write them down...just start brainstorming....write them here.  Go over general ledger items...see what triggers your memory when you start classifying general ledger items.  Where again did you tell them they were vulnerable?  what made them nervous?

ifonlythiswasover:  The business partner would always ask me what I saw as a problem...

lionheartix:  use those items you told told him what you thought were problems...that's exactly what we need to know.  you have to find the way to trigger all those memories and to write each item down...your next twenty years (of freedom) depend on it.

ifonlythiswasover:  it comes to me in my sleep

lionheartix:  when it does, you need a paper and pen next to the bed.  you wake up and write down everything.  believe me, once you do it, you will be amazed at what you can get on paper during a 6 hour sleep.  don't worry about yourself...treat it like Nate and Brandon depend on it.

ifonlythiswasover:  yeah...that helps...just don't want to have fear get in the way...that is the biggest blocker.

lionheartix:  your job in the next couple of months is several...bring in income, build credibility and a good defense and take care of your kids.  NO FEAR...just determination to DO IT

ifonlythiswasover:  the income will be the hardest because of what I now have on record, at least that is still my belief.

lionheartix:  what do you have on record?

ifonlythiswasover:  the reports, the newspaper, the talk

lionheartix:  you are innocent!  you have NOT been proven guilty of taking one thin dime!  All bullshit.  you only say what you need to say.  you get a job, you don't talk about the problems...period.

ifonlythiswasover:  I know but people have perceptions...its finding those who will stay clear with me...will be the challenge.  do you know RG?

lionheartix:  no, who is he?

ifonlythiswasover:  he worked with them for years....(more details)...okay...I think he may have stories that would be useful in all this.

lionheartix:  good, write them down.  one will lead to another, and another, and another...until you finally get the one that they can't talk away.  work on the wife angle, what did he do against her that screwed her out of millions during their divorce attempts?  what did he ask you to do against her?  what can her friends offer? just need to point your attorney in the right direction. 

ifonlythiswasover:  I don't like digging up dirt (named several improprieties).

lionheartix:  Audrey, now is not the time for you to get need to fight fire with fire.  Those items are highly worthy of bringing up and rehashing....all the divorcing and mistresses during the years on both guys.  get those maternal instincts working and PROTECT your family.  the business partner had a charitable organization to take care of ex-lovers?  the foundation then pays a church who then helps them in college and living expenses, has all been filtered.  Beat that credibility, they can all be exposed...The Church of What's Happening Now?  That is called money laundering!  The Feds would be interested in that info, for sure.

ifonlythiswasover:  the business partner would tell me ...there is a great imbalance (of money) in the system and he knew they would come after his money to even things out....they being the powers who redistribute wealth.

lionheartix:  write that down!  what was the conversation that led to these revelations?  Darling, you have so much in your head!  Just fire it out there!  and write each item down.

ifonlythiswasover:  middle of the night he just calls me..not uncommon for him to ruminate over this fear.

lionheartix:  write them down!  remember all those conversations!

ifonlythiswasover:  I guess I was a (financial) he fears that?

lionheartix:  yes...for sure...and he should fear that.  you are now unlocking the secret to....WHY!

ifonlythiswasover:  I would have never gotten to this place if he had just left me alone...I suppose it is his ruminating that brought us to this point?

lionheartix:  think retro-ly.  go back into your memory and write down all those conversations.  why did he call you about something...what was the circumstance that upset him to call in the first place?

ifonlythiswasover:  maybe he was serious all those years when he said "Audrey, if you ever leave us....we'll have to kill you."

lionheartix:  go for it...that needs to be told too!  you never told me that.  he threatened you all those years and you thought he was joking?

ifonlythiswasover:  I didn't take it seriously....he said it with a smile...a real sick smile, I suppose.

lionheartix:  that is what you need to go with...your own brainstorming of these issues....remember all of this...and build on each item.  when you get back here (Texas) we will spend one evening a week brainstorming over all this and get more out of your memory.  keep writing......

That was the beginnings of a volume of chats that sit almost a foot high.  I will share more as time goes....but now you know my mission....if I had only had an attorney who was willing to investigate the wealth of knowledge I departed to my "team".


  1. I read this pretty fast. It's VERY interesting.

    And it's okay to share all this on the internet??
    (Reassure me.)

  2. How sad that you got stuck with such a dumb and incompetent lawyer! I cringe when I think of all the information you provided, yet he failed to read and investigate to help his client. Injustice!

  3. To answer your question Nancy, my habeas attorney has okayed this and it is part of the evidence to my habeas. All evidence is considered public records. I actually left several things out. I am told the more that gets known though...the safer I will be. This is why the "team" wanted me to go on Oprah and tell my story. Prior to my trial I was just too scared. Most of what I have said here is already in the blog, one place or another. The purpose of this blog it to introduce you to the "team" and the kind of questions they were asking.

  4. Hey Audrey, by the looks of it, it appears that the team gave some very good examples of what one should do in your situation. Write it down, make copies, share with your attorney and tell the world.

    It's a crying shame to learn that by documenting everything and basicaly doing your attorney's investigative foot-work he ended up ignoring it all.

    This Texas sized scum-bag will not get away with this, just watch and see. It's still a good idea to contact Oprah (OWN) and set up a Skype interveiw with your Habeas attorney, yourself and Oprah. Tell them you have an idea for a show that's female in nature but 100% "Texas Railroad". Texas topics are hot now due to recent episodes of police and prosecutorial misconduct in the news. Thanks.

  5. FWIW, we put up a copy of the "Texas Lawyer's Creed" over at PNG.

    Warning! It is borderline insulting to the public at large. It is straight-up Bull malarkey to those that take to read it. It is a running joke. It is toilet paper (not the warm and fuzzy type).

    We are willing to bet the farm, that your dingbat attorney failed to follow one single item. Thanks.