Saturday, March 26, 2011

The Momentum of NOAH

I promise to make this short.  I have been lamenting on The NOAH Project and the momentum it gained in our community.  Autism and its treatment is still getting a fair amount of media because autism is still a mystery and has become quite prevalent among our children.  So much so that I believe every person in this country knows at least one family dealing with this phenomenon.  

The NOAH Project speaking series addressed so many of the challenges faced by the families of children with autism.  Following are some of the speaking topics and brief descriptions that were a part of our Speaking Series which was held in the Plano Centre.  We had as many as almost 500 people show up from around the metroplex.  Those attending were teachers, therapists, parents and caregivers of children with autism and other special needs.  The passion I felt to help these children and their families just seemed infinite.  After so much suppression by the legal system in this fabricated case against me, I am beginning to finally feel regenerated, thanks to a recent visit with my dear friend, Dorothy, who helped me start this school years ago.  Rather we have another school or not I can sure write about it and finish the book I started.

Next are some pictures of a few of the amazing people who attended and community leaders that helped:

Many of the kids represented by the adults attending in the above pictures are young adults now.  Perhaps its time to focus my energies on providing a meaningful program for the adults.  This first large generation of affected kids (from the 90's) are giving us a new challenge...never have we had so many special needs adults at a time while mental health funds across the nation are being cut.  The times call for us to be especially creative, so our grown up kids can continue to learn and be a part of society in the best way.


  1. The NOAH Project was an amazing place! The non-judgemental environment allowed our children to flourish. Rather we have another school or not our young adult children will still flourish. Audrey, you are an inspiritation to me. You have gone through so much. Yet, you are still smiling. And, you are doing exactly as you should; go out and tell the world.

  2. You amaze me! Love all of the pics and the newsletters that you posted about the NOAH project. To see how your vision became a reality is truly a miracle and awe-inspiring! Love you!

  3. I just read those two comments and all I want to say is "Ditto!".... Oh yes. You ARE an inspiration.... all the way around. OH YES!!!!

    Love you, precious Audrey!!!!!

  4. Thank you sweet ladies for all your kind comments. You all inspire me!!!